09 October 2008

Sinking Jetskis and Falling out of Planes.

It's been a while...

I almost died on a jetski. Well that's an overstatement. I was out with Ben up on the Central Coast and after a few hours, the jetski got funny and we fell off. When Ben tried to get back on, it started sinking. So, being the avid natural bodies of water lover that I am, I was thrilled to be stuck. Thankfully we weren't out in the actual ocean, then I would have flipped out. But seeing as a jellyfish was the only creature I saw (and I think I handled that very well, only saying in a freaked out voice "Its a JELLYFISH") and that a boat came and pulled us to shore (not to mention that Ben's jetski is alright and only cost 250 to repair), it was quite the adventure!!

I went skydiving. I was so terrified until I got on the plane, then I got a bit too excited considering I was about to do something I had long considered foolish. Would I do it again? Hell yes. I never would have imagined that falling out of an airplane would be so fun. 

I went ice skating last weekend and didn't fall once, that was an accomplishment. Good times. Well any time with Ben is a good time. I like that guy...

I just got back from seeing The Duchess. 'Twas good and I cried a bit. It was a terrible choice she had to make, but it was really the only option =( 

Oh and I totally voted =) Go me!!!

20 September 2008

I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations

On this wonderfully hot and sunny Saturday morning I headed out to UNSW to pay my library fine and check out a book I had on reserved only to get there and find out they do not take cash. Well I didnt have the money available on any of my accounts so I talked the man at the front desk into holding my reserved book until Monday when I could come deposit the money into my account and pay. I was relieved he agreed, yet I still was angry I wasted an entire trip (the trip itself I could care less about, it was the having to use 4 bus trips on my travel ten that makes me angry since Im broke currently)...

On my way home I decided to stop at Woolworths and after I walked into the bus interchange at Bondi Junction only to be met with hundreds of people waiting for the buses to Bondi Beach (since the temperature was near 90, it seems everyone felt the need to come here). So I walked home with the heavy groceries. After arriving home, I ate quickly and basically ran to the beach which was crowded with at least a thousand people. That's when it happened... I went into the ocean past knee depth for the first time in my life. And let me tell you it was freaking awesome! I especially love when the waves come and you go up with them. I was having so much fun the four year old in me came out and I was saying Weeee! everytime the waves came. Im still grinning from enjoyment! After 3 hours of swimming and sun bathing, I came back home and have been chilling every since :o)

I LOVE the beach! I LOVE LOVE the ocean (well at least where its not too deep)! I can't wait to try surfing...

Current Obsessions:
  • Adam Goodes... still.
  • Dirty Dancing soundtrack
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches
  • Trying to get a tan (as much as I love being pale and not risking the skin cancer, I keep telling myself its ok for the next 2 months!)
  • Neighbours

16 September 2008

Keep Running... It's a Mummy!

Last night before I fell asleep I had decided that I would go for a run when I woke up (let it be known that I often think this but today was the first time I followed through with the plan). So by 7:40 I was out the door walking down to Bondi Beach where I managed to run about 2/3 of the length. Considering I hate running, I was impressed. I then walked to the other end, turned around and walked home. I was back home by 8:00. Did I mention I really hate running? The thing is, I really wish I was a runner. I think I'd enjoy it if I was, well, good at it.

So I came home, showered quick, and headed off to see the new Mummy movie. I had been looking forward to this film for a while and was incredibly disappointed. As much as I like Maria Bello, it just wasn't the same without Rachel Weisz. Not to mention, in general, it just wasn't that great. Of course, when its released on DVD I will have to watch it again just to make sure I actually don't like it all that much.

The only other semi-thrilling thing to happen today was that I got a postcard from Ben (actually I was incredibly thrilled, I miss him a lot!). 

14 September 2008

Curtsies, Kites and a Bit of Rain

This morning I awoke to rain falling on the rooftops surrounding our building. Initially I was quite worried it would continue all day but it was, in fact, done by 11. I had to run out for the paper as soon as I was up and dressed because I felt that I had a great need for the Italian Lesson CD the was free with the paper. The French Lesson CD from last week is incredibly confusing so I'm hoping I have more luck with Italian (especially since I have taken 3 semesters and lived in Rome).

I decided I would go to St. Patricks Parish with Hannah and so I did. We arrived a bit early and the woman who played the organ asked the two of us to bring up the offeratory gifts. I thought it would be interesting to do so, so we agreed to do so. Taking into consideration that I hadn't been in a Catholic Church for a year and a half, I became unbelievably nervous since I had no real clue what to do. The kind woman pointed out the table and told us vaguely what to do, however I had no clue how to hold it or what to do after I handed it to the man. So, I curtsied. Hannah still gets a kick out of that...

The Festival of the Winds was interesting. There weren't quite as many kites as I would have imagined but there were some really cool ones on display. Unfortunately, the winds weren't too favorable for kite flying and the rain started up again for a bit. Some cool exhibitions of sorts were going on as well. There was a man doing some really beautiful glass blowing, there was a petting zoo of sorts, and people on stilts (I don't know why I get so amused by people on stilts...). There were also aboriginal dancers who I believe were performing parts of their creation stories. It was great to watch!

Overall it was a good day!

13 September 2008

Disappointment and a Beach Day

So...The Swans lost their game last night (The Western Bulldogs are now my least favorite team). Not only that, but two of my flatmates had people over. Therefore, Hannah and I were forced to evacuate down to Hotel Bondi to watch the game. I'm still quite certain the Swans would have won had I been on the couch in my Swans shirt with my Swans scarf and teddy bear... On the bright side, Adam Goodes looked good...

The temperature today reached nearly 90 so I went and got a Boost smoothie (All Berry Bang, tasted just like a fruit rollup). Then it was off to the beach for 2 hours. I hadn't thought that I had gotten too much color until I showered and noticed that I was in fact burnt in some places. I ended up not going for a swim today. It was too windy and windy = chilly. While at the beach I got to witness an off camera "Bondi Rescue". It was quite the spectacle, I guess a middle aged man must have nearly drowned. The lifeguards brought him to the beach on their surfboard things and had to drag him onto the sand. Apparently he must have been unconscious. Some emergency people eventually came and the man came to. I would have been terribly worried if the Bondi rescuers hadn't been so calm. Personally, from 10 metres away I was quite sure the guy was dead....

Festival of the Winds tomorrow!

12 September 2008

Numero Uno

Nothing too exciting going down today. It was a great day today temperature wise so I walked down to Woolworths in the Westfield. Needed the basic staples: fruit, bread and doritos for the Swans finals match tonight on telly. Not too thrilling a walk, spent most of the time having fake conversations with figments of my imagination to keep myself entertained...

Went to the beach as well for 40 minutes. Just walked for a bit. Saw the life guards from Bondi Rescue. It made me smile. It's supposed to be great weather tomorrow so I'll have to hit the beach and maybe even go in the water (GASP...I've been here for 6 months and have yet to actually go in the water past my ankles. Stupid fear of fish...) 

Sunday should be great as well. Festival of the Winds is going on and I'm going to be totally jealous that I don't have a kite to fly!

But for tonight...I have a date in front of the TV with Adam Goodes and the Sydney Swans taking on the Western Bulldogs.

 I know, you're jealous.

Current Obsessions:
  • "Single" New Kids on the Block
  • Adam Goodes
  • Banana Buzz Smoothies (with soy milk) from Boost
  • Season 4 of Prison Break