09 October 2008

Sinking Jetskis and Falling out of Planes.

It's been a while...

I almost died on a jetski. Well that's an overstatement. I was out with Ben up on the Central Coast and after a few hours, the jetski got funny and we fell off. When Ben tried to get back on, it started sinking. So, being the avid natural bodies of water lover that I am, I was thrilled to be stuck. Thankfully we weren't out in the actual ocean, then I would have flipped out. But seeing as a jellyfish was the only creature I saw (and I think I handled that very well, only saying in a freaked out voice "Its a JELLYFISH") and that a boat came and pulled us to shore (not to mention that Ben's jetski is alright and only cost 250 to repair), it was quite the adventure!!

I went skydiving. I was so terrified until I got on the plane, then I got a bit too excited considering I was about to do something I had long considered foolish. Would I do it again? Hell yes. I never would have imagined that falling out of an airplane would be so fun. 

I went ice skating last weekend and didn't fall once, that was an accomplishment. Good times. Well any time with Ben is a good time. I like that guy...

I just got back from seeing The Duchess. 'Twas good and I cried a bit. It was a terrible choice she had to make, but it was really the only option =( 

Oh and I totally voted =) Go me!!!