16 April 2009

It's Been A While...

It's been months since my last entry, but life has been seemingly uneventful as of late. I have just under 3 weeks left of being here at Arcadia University. Though I will still be working on my thesis over the summer from Wisconsin, then returning here to present it. I'll be glad to be done with my degree.

So this semester... Im taking 4 courses: Mathematical Concepts (really ridiculous, truth be told but it's fulfilling my math requirement), Senior Seminar (thesis topic: the transition of vampires from folklore to fiction), Arabic (I had to drop photography because I'm poor and got stuck in this. I know nothing!!) and Piano (doing two different things with my hands like that is confusing, but its always been a goal of mine to learn!).

I did take a trip to Pittsburgh in February to visit Hannah, my roommate from Sydney. It was an 8 hour train ride from Philadelphia on which I consumed the entire first season of Gilmore Girls, a new favorite but an old show. I also went into Philadelphia one day to the Franklin Institute to see the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit, which was really awesome. I also viewed an IMAX (Amazing Caves) and saw Star Lore at the Planetarium. Besides that, just a few trips to the Willow Grove Mall.

I did go home for spring break, it was so great to be home. Went to a few movies (Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader, Watchmen) and met my friend Elizabeth's baby daughter Taylor.

The other news that Im looking forward to is that Im going to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this summer! I've always wanted to go and finally I get to!

Well that's it for now, I'm going to head to bed soon. Tomorrow is the Blitz Carnival on campus!