16 August 2012

Olympics, surgery and more...

The Olympics:

Pretty awesome, huh? I've always loved watching them and was particularly excited for these games since they were in London (which I've considered home ever since I spent my first semester of college there).

Lots of awesome things happened... Michael Phelps is officially the most-decorated Olympian, the US Women's Gymnastics Team won the Gold, the flag flew away during the anthem when Serena Williams won her Gold Medal ("And the flag was still there"...except it wasn't), Usain Bolt, and many more.

I also have to say, in terms of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies... The Opening was a wee bit disappointing, though it did have some amazing moments (Queen Elizabeth and James Bond). Now, the Closing Ceremony... I LOVED it. I mean, The Spice Girls performed!!! I was so excited about that that I spent a lot of time squealing in anticipation. I also loved Russell Brand's performances. Very entertaining. And... Eric Idle. I think I must have watched the Indian dance portion of his performance dozens of times and laughed every time...

Overall, I had a fantastic couple of weeks watching the activities and am saddened that I have to wait 18 months for more.


Last week my mother had her rotator cuff repaired and she's finally in better spirits. The first week was incredibly stressful for both of us and I am incredibly thankful that things are more under control at the moment.

Blog Hops:

Starting in September I will be participating in Blog Hop giveaways sponsored by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and I am very excited to do so!

Well, that's all for now :)


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