30 January 2012

The Artist & The Screen Actors Guild Awards

This past weekend, I finally got to see "The Artist" and it was amazing! It will make you laugh one minute and the next you're trying not to cry because you just feel for George Valentin. I was incredibly thrilled last night when Jean Dujardin won the Best Actor at the SAG Awards (nothing against George Clooney, but I just did NOT want him to win). It was a well deserved win and I wish him the best of luck at the Oscars in a few weeks.

As I mentioned, last night the SAG Awards were on. I didn't think there were any big shockers during the broadcast. People seemed surprised that The Help won best ensemble, but that had actually been my pick to win. However, I think it's a wonderful movie though I actually wouldn't consider it the best of the year. What's most important for this award is that I do consider it to have the best overall cast of the year. Every single actor in that film rocked it.

Speaking of rocking it, some actresses rocked their dresses last night, while others.... just eeesh. I actually made notes during the red carpet of my initial thoughts on the fashion, and here they are:

Octavia Spencer: Not the best color, but the dress was amazing on her. She dresses really well for her shape.
Rose Byrne: I don't appreciate jumpsuits. The top was lovely, but pants?
Kristin Wiig: Dress = boring. And the CHOKER! Horrible choice. Looks like biker/bondage.
Julie Bowen: Nice color, great back.
Viola Davis: Stunning, beautiful flow. Marchesa is one of my favorite labels.
Kaley Cuoco: Pretty but regularly featured (in white) on Say Yes To The Dress.
Ariel Winter: Very age appropriate and I love it!
Michelle Williams: Not normally one of my favorites but I like it! I don't like the ankle strap shoes though...
Emilia Clarke: Love her but hate the dress. Pity.
Amber Riley: I'm not a big fan. I think the bow is too big and the dress length looks semi-awkward on her.
Lea Michele: Pretty with a touch of sexy. Boring color. I think she tries way too hard.
Naya Rivera: She's got it and she flaunts it. Looks great.
Sofia Vergara: I want her earrings! Nice dress, though it looks like every other dress she's worn.
Stacy Keibler: I love lace! I think it's a gorgeous dress.
Gretchen Mol: No.
Emily Blunt: Love dress, pretty color but may be a little too bright of green.
Jane Lynch: Great color on her!
Jessica Chastain: Simple, nice color.
Amber Heard: Different and I think I love it
Emma Stone: Love it. Pretty, girly, short and quirky.
Tilda Swinton: I hate her fashion choices, tonight included.
Angelina Jolie: Simple and elegant. She can't do wrong.
Dianna Agron: Worst hair of the night. Forgettable dress.
Zoe Saldana: Not my thing but white looks great on her.
Shailane Woodley: Kind of tacky and yet it grows on me to the point that I don't loathe it.
Meryl Streep: Wonderful for her age.
Jayma Mays: Sparkly and beautiful!

My 3 Worst dressed of the night (click on links to see pictures):

3. Rose Byrne in Elie Saab
2. Emilia Clarke in Chanel
1. It may not be the worst dress, but the choker puts her as my pick for Worst Dressed at the SAG Awards: Kristin Wiig in Balenciaga.

Best Dressed

3. Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen
2. Viola Davis in Marchesa
1. Jayma Mays!  in Reem Acra

17 January 2012

Award Season!

The Packer's lost to the Giants. That totally bummed me out. Thankfully the Golden Globes were on that night to distract me from my devastation... Plus, no more getting to stare at Aaron Rodgers every week. Such a loss!

So... the Golden Globes. Lots of beautiful dresses! After the Christmas season, Awards season is my favorite time of the year. I love the buildup to the Oscars. I didn't think there were any big surprises in terms of winners at the Globes, though I did figure that Viola Davis would win Best Actress. Here's my list of the best and worst dressed:

1. Claire Danes
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Charlize Theron

1. Julianne Moore
2. Lea Michelle
3. Elle MacPherson

Next up for my viewing pleasure will be the Screen Actors Guild Awards at the end of the month. I'm quite looking forward to that.


Reading: Well, I just finished Dragon's Oath by P.C. Cast. It was an enjoyable excursion from the House of Night series. Up next is An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris. It's the third book in the Harper Connelly series and I'm looking forward to reading it!

Watching: I'm 2 episodes behind in Switched At Birth, which I think is a wonderful show! It's a shame more people don't watch it! So, I'm hoping to get caught up with that most soonliest!

08 January 2012

We All Fall Down

Last week was sure something. It was shaping up to be an average, uneventful week filled with work, babysitting and reading.  Then my mother and I went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (very good!) and as we were walking back to our car, I wiped out. My leg and rear end were soaked and we had a birthday get together to attend. Therefore, we had to run to Walmart so I could buy a pair of sweats to wear. 3 days later at 7:00am, I was walking home from babysitting and what happens? That's right. I slip and fall down. Again. Only this time it made my neck jerked. So, not only was my entire right side sore, but I ended up in so much pain the next morning that I had to go to Urgent Care. I have WHIPLASH from falling. Luckily, medication helps... And that was my eventful week. 

This week, my mother is having surgery on her right hand for carpal tunnel and trigger thumb. Hopefully that will all work out well, I don't see why it wouldn't but I tend to be a worrier.


Reading: Well, I decided to take a break from Inheritance as I just didn't feel like reading it. So, yesterday I finished reading Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris. I love her Sookie Stackhouse books so I figured I should give the Harper Connelly series a go. Overall, it was enjoyable, even it was predictable. This morning I started to read Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kayson. I love the movie more than I'm loving the book, but it's still interesting. I have about 40 pages left and will probably finish it later today :)

Watching: The Glee Concert dvd. I got it from the library. To be honest, I LOVE Glee but this is a waste of my time. I thought it'd be a bit more enjoyable but they cut the songs and are spending too much time following the Glee lovers.

01 January 2012

Starting the Year Off Right!

Well, it's 2012!!

Hopefully this will be the year where things happen.

Resolutions: To draw more. To write more. To be healthier. To make things happen.


Reading: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. I received a signed copy for Christmas and just began to read it today. I'm so glad it began with a recap of the previous 3 books, as I'd basically forgotten it all.

Watching: Today I watched West Side Story for the first time. Now I'm left humming all the wonderful songs from the film. Now whenever I see a movie with two rival "gangs", I'm going to expect the fighting to be choreographed with dancing and singing.

On a side note: the Green Bay Packers won their game today, making them 15-1 for the season. Go Pack Go!!!