26 February 2012

My Favorite Night of the Year, plus other things I'm looking forward to!

It's finally here! Yes, I'm talking about the Academy Awards. It's long been my favorite night of the year and I'm always looking forward to it. Who's going to win? What will everyone be wearing? Those are the questions that will finally be answered tonight. Two nights ago I actually found myself so nervous about the Oscars that my mother laughed and reminded me that "it's just an honor to be nominated"... not that I'm nominated. I just love movies and take the Oscars very seriously. I have my list of who I want to win and sometimes find myself disappointed if it doesn't happen (For the record: The Artist, Viola Davis, Jean Dujardin, Octavia Spencer, Christopher Plummer).

Anyways, after the Oscars are over later tonight, I'll have to find other things to look forward to. In fact, I already have a small list:

1.) March 23. I'm actually very, very excited for March 23 to come around. Why? THE HUNGER GAMES is in theaters that day and that was/is one of my favorite books. All you Twilight fans should just forget about being Team Edward or Jacob because the more important question is whether you're Team Peeta or Gale. What's so great about The Hunger Games is that it's appealing to both sexes. I mean, it's about 24 kids under the age of 18 fighting to kill while the rest of the country watches.... and there's a love triangle. Totally Unisex!

2.) This summer I will (hopefully) be accompanying my Aunt Nancy, Kyen and Soren on a road trip. Where to? Well, it happens to be some place I have ALWAYS wanted to go... Mount Rushmore. As of now the plan is to visit the Largest Ball of Twine in Darwin, MN and then work our way through to visit Sturgis, Deadwood and then finally see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. On the way home there might even be a stop at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. Who knows what else we could see and what other adventures we could get up to...

3.) The Summer Olympics in London. Yes, back when I lived in London in 2004 and they were competing to get the Olympics there (and then won their bid), I was convinced that I would be able to make it back to London for the games. Unfortunately, that won't happen but at least I will be able to watch them on the telly.

I'm going to leave my list at those three events for now, and i'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the Oscars!


Phoebe said...

Geeze I thought that you were looking forward to March 23rd for another reason ;-)

Happy Oscar Day! Are you planning to wear the Harry Winston or the Cartier??

Dana said...

I usually go for the Harry Winston, though I do like Van Cleef & Arpels from time to time :)

And I'm always looking forward to your birthday Phoebe!