09 December 2012

2012 in Review

2012 is nearly over, which means that the next few weeks will be spent trying to cram in as many books and movies as possible. Even so, I thought I would post a list of my 2012 favorites. While other lists focus on books/etc. that came out during the year, I'm going to focus on the books/movies/TV that I personally read/experienced during the 2012. This post will deal with, drum roll please...



5. Before I Fall (Lauren Oliver) Well, to be honest, the reason this book made my list is because it stuck with me. The scenario is interesting: living the day you died over and over, making changes along the way, all the while learning more about yourself and the people in your life. I enjoyed the book and went on to read more of Lauren Oliver's work.

4. Cinder (Marissa Meyer) & Days of Blood and Starlight (Laini Taylor) Obviously, it's a tie. Cinder made my list for a number of reasons: It's based on a fairy tale, it features cyborgs, and the end isn't what you'd really expect. The next book in the series, Scarlet, comes out in a few months and I look forward to continuing the adventure. Days of Blood and Starlight, well... I haven't actually finished it as of this moment. I'm about half way through and am loving it. Laini Taylor is a brilliant writer and I love her world and characters. 

3. Hex Hall (Rachel Hawkins) Basically, the number three spot goes to all three books: Hex Hall, Spellbound, and Demon Glass. Especially the second half of Spellbound and Demon Glass in it's entirety. The series was fun and had some great characters. And now there's going to be a spin-off featuring Izzy Brannick. Fall 2013 cannot come fast enough.

2. The Enchantress (Michael Scott) This was the final book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and it was spectacular. It was a wonderful end to one of my favorite series.

1. The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) This book moved me. Simple as that. I hoped with the characters, I loved with the characters, and I cried. A lot. I believe that this book should be required reading for everyone. John Green does an amazing job at making cancer realistic. Of course cancer is real, but it's the Big Scary. Typically, forms of fictional media tend to focus on the people in the story who do not have cancer. We view it from outside looking in. We see the physical toll it can take, but hardly ever get a glimpse of what that person is internally experiencing. With Hazel and Augustus, we see all of the damage caused. We see the glimmers of hope, as well as the moments when nothing seems worth it...

Honorable mention to every book by Sarah Dessen. I read/reread them all this year and adore every single one of them. They manage to make me wish I could go back to high school because, hey, maybe my life could be like anyone from her books.

Most Disappointing:

1. Crossed (Ally Condie) I had enjoyed the first book in the series, but found this one to be incredibly lacking. Ugh. The only reason I'm going to read Reached in the next couple weeks is because I need to know how it ends, even if I officially no longer care.

2. The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (Chris Colfer) Good concept, average execution. Nothing new or exciting. It had some good moments but was mostly just, eh.


1. Cal from the Hex Hall series. Forget Archer, I was Team Cal. He seemed genuinely Good, and handsome, and useful.

2. Akiva from Days of Blood and Starlight/Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Any man/seraphim that falls in love with you twice/in two different forms, is a keeper. Well, then again... he did do a horrendous act. Oh, screw it. Put him on probation and just make some Seraphim/Chimaera peace/babies.

3. Eli/Dave/Nate/Owen/Wes from the works of Sarah Dessen. Swoon.

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