01 January 2012

Starting the Year Off Right!

Well, it's 2012!!

Hopefully this will be the year where things happen.

Resolutions: To draw more. To write more. To be healthier. To make things happen.


Reading: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. I received a signed copy for Christmas and just began to read it today. I'm so glad it began with a recap of the previous 3 books, as I'd basically forgotten it all.

Watching: Today I watched West Side Story for the first time. Now I'm left humming all the wonderful songs from the film. Now whenever I see a movie with two rival "gangs", I'm going to expect the fighting to be choreographed with dancing and singing.

On a side note: the Green Bay Packers won their game today, making them 15-1 for the season. Go Pack Go!!!

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