14 September 2008

Curtsies, Kites and a Bit of Rain

This morning I awoke to rain falling on the rooftops surrounding our building. Initially I was quite worried it would continue all day but it was, in fact, done by 11. I had to run out for the paper as soon as I was up and dressed because I felt that I had a great need for the Italian Lesson CD the was free with the paper. The French Lesson CD from last week is incredibly confusing so I'm hoping I have more luck with Italian (especially since I have taken 3 semesters and lived in Rome).

I decided I would go to St. Patricks Parish with Hannah and so I did. We arrived a bit early and the woman who played the organ asked the two of us to bring up the offeratory gifts. I thought it would be interesting to do so, so we agreed to do so. Taking into consideration that I hadn't been in a Catholic Church for a year and a half, I became unbelievably nervous since I had no real clue what to do. The kind woman pointed out the table and told us vaguely what to do, however I had no clue how to hold it or what to do after I handed it to the man. So, I curtsied. Hannah still gets a kick out of that...

The Festival of the Winds was interesting. There weren't quite as many kites as I would have imagined but there were some really cool ones on display. Unfortunately, the winds weren't too favorable for kite flying and the rain started up again for a bit. Some cool exhibitions of sorts were going on as well. There was a man doing some really beautiful glass blowing, there was a petting zoo of sorts, and people on stilts (I don't know why I get so amused by people on stilts...). There were also aboriginal dancers who I believe were performing parts of their creation stories. It was great to watch!

Overall it was a good day!

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