16 September 2008

Keep Running... It's a Mummy!

Last night before I fell asleep I had decided that I would go for a run when I woke up (let it be known that I often think this but today was the first time I followed through with the plan). So by 7:40 I was out the door walking down to Bondi Beach where I managed to run about 2/3 of the length. Considering I hate running, I was impressed. I then walked to the other end, turned around and walked home. I was back home by 8:00. Did I mention I really hate running? The thing is, I really wish I was a runner. I think I'd enjoy it if I was, well, good at it.

So I came home, showered quick, and headed off to see the new Mummy movie. I had been looking forward to this film for a while and was incredibly disappointed. As much as I like Maria Bello, it just wasn't the same without Rachel Weisz. Not to mention, in general, it just wasn't that great. Of course, when its released on DVD I will have to watch it again just to make sure I actually don't like it all that much.

The only other semi-thrilling thing to happen today was that I got a postcard from Ben (actually I was incredibly thrilled, I miss him a lot!). 

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